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Better Man by Robbie Williams

Download the pdf for this lesson here

Chords used:
G, Em, Am, Am7, D, Bb, Emaj7, F, Gm

Better Man” is a song by British pop singer Robbie Williams, it became the last single from his album Sing When You’re Winning in late 2001. It was only released in Australia, New Zealand and Latin America.

Williams recorded a Spanish version of the song called “Ser Mejor” (“To Be Better”), it was included on the Latin American pressings of his album and was released as a single to radio stations in the Spanish-speaking countries in February 2001.

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  1. Hi Andy,

    Couldn’t get bridge section on PDF file ,is it supposed to be on ?
    Take care have a great Xmas with your family, please no Cricket talk .
    Cheers S

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