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Turn your GUITAR into a UKE? | Awesome Hack |

In this video you’ll learn how to virtually turn your guitar into a ukulele.

This is super useful for:
– If you don’t own a ukulele yet, but plan on or are considering buying one.
– Understanding how to transfer songs you learn from guitar to uke.
– Learning smarter not harder. If you’re learning a new instrument you might aswell translate as much knowledge as possible from the first instrument, especially in the case of guitar to uke where there is lots of similarities.

Here’s the magic trick that blew my mind when a friend taught it to me recently…

When you place a capo on the 5th fret of your guitar the bottom 4 strings match the notes of your 4 open ukulele strings – G,C,E,A.

The only difference you have to keep in mind is that the D string is actually an octave higher on the ukulele (just to make things slightly dicey!)

With this new found knowledge you can start learning the ukulele before you even own one.

So why learn the ukulele in the first place?

– Ukulele a lot like a guitar but many times more portable. We’ve all experienced those occasions where we plan to take our guitar on a road trip only to realise there isn’t enough room in the car. You can always fit a uke!

– Ukuleles are cheap. For under $100 you can get yourself a very decent ukulele that will stay in tune and sound great.

– If you’ve ever complained about big and awkward chords are then the uke may become your new best buddy, or atleast help you work your way up to being more confident playing the guitar.

– Quite simply because it’s fun to mix it up and play a different instrument. Given the small effort needed to learn the uke after playing guitar, it’s a great way to double the amount of instruments you can play.

Take the next step
If you want to go the next step I’d love to teach you the essential major and minor chords you need to know on the ukulele.

I’ll also teach you a more advanced method for transferring any chord from guitar to ukulele completely on the fly – no reference sheets needed!

While I’m deciding how much to charge for the training I’m making it available to my subscribers for completely free.

I may decide this was a bad idea come the weekend, so register for the training now.

Transfer Guitar Chords To The Ukulele

Transfer Guitar Chords To The Ukulele

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