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My Favourite SRV Lick!

Download the pdf for this lesson here

What’s your all time favourite Stevie Ray Vaughan lick of all time?

Here’s mine, it’s from his rendition of Mary Had A Little Lamb… actually it was originally bluesified by Buddy Guy so you could consider it a cover of a cover.

The lick uses the E Minor Penatatonic scale and is played in the 12th position (1st finger of 12th fret).
The prerequisite technique for playing lick comfortably is a good gasp of pull offs.

The lick can be considered easy, but like all things blues, its not simply about playing the right notes, its about playing with the right inflections and attitude.

Stevie’s highly sought after strat tone can be heard here in a big way.

The track can be found of Stevie’s 1983 album Texas flood.

Original Song Video:

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  1. Seen your video on youtube and I like how simple and groovy you teach would like to strum a six string with you and learn more hoping to learn more from nail guitar thank you for the info on rythm progression.
    Sincerely..Chance M

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