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Hey it’s Andy here, I believe there’s 3 keys that are essential in being successful learning to play the guitar – Inspiration, Training and Tools. Nail Guitar brings these together to boost learning speed, make learning easier and help you have more fun playing your axe!


Where are the pick ups on your red guitar?

The guitar I did most of my electric instructional videos with up to about 2014 is a Line 6 Variax.

You can watch the series of videos I did explaining how it works and demoing all the guitars it can emulate HERE.

I like to call it ‘the magic guitar’. Hidden under the bridge are six special pickups, one for each string.

The signal passes through a little computer hidden at the back of the guitar that allows you to digitally tune each string to a different note at the flick of a switch.

The guitar has an extra knob that makes it sound like different sorts of guitars. Electrics, hollow bodies, acoustic, banjo, sitar. Its obviously not 100% accurate but very surprisingly close.

Even better is the fact you can run it into your computer and control everything with a software editor and save those settings back to the guitar.

A great feeling guitar for its price range and awesome tool for recording.

How old were you when you started playing?

I was in grade 8, so 14 years old. I was by no means a fast learner, F chord took me close to a month to play clearly.

Despite this, guitar soon become my #1 passion and I began improving in leaps and bounds. After 3 years with a I had the core skills (and drive) to continue teaching myself.

What was your first guitar?

My very first guitar was a Yamaha C40 nylon string acoustic given to my sister and I by my uncle.

What was your first electric guitar?

It was a Black Daion Electric, with red lightning cracks all over it.

Almost as horrible to play as it was to look, I bought it for $224 with money I made from mowing lawns. I was very proud :)

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