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My Guitar Gear Revealed

A big question I get often is what sort of [fill the blank] Is that you’re using in your guitar lessons?

Now while I do have gear listed on my website, today I want to tell you about

Where KIT shines above just a list of gear is with its collections.

For instance I’ve put Kits together for the following:
My pedal board
Awesome guitar toys
Beginner guitarist essentials
Video Production Gear

The lists are always growing!

In simple KIT can save you a lot of time researching different item to buy.

As gets bigger you’ll continue to more see kits from more an more well known guitarists popping.

You can also search for kits in other interests:
For me video and audio gear

If your someone who is often asking what equipment you use for your job or a hobby you can start your own account.

So check out my kits and you might find some answers to questions you didn’t even realise you had.

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