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Spanish Blues - Jam Pack

Solo with confidence as you jam with the inspiring Spanish Blues jam track, armed with a complete musical tool kit.

This jam pack is inspired by the Blues/Latin hybrid style of guitarists such as Carlos Santana and Derek Trucks.

Quick Start To Ukulele For Guitarists
Quick Start To Ukulele For Guitarists

Do you wish you could learn to play a second instrument – except without all the hard work it’s taken to get this far on the guitar?

In Quick Start To Ukulele For Guitarists I’ll show you how to translate what you’ve already learnt on the guitar, so you can be confidently playing the ukulele in just days, instead of months if you try and go it alone.


If you’re a beginner and you want a course that gives you a really solid start in your playing, Jamorama is the way to go.

At a very affordable price you can take away all that uncertainty of starting out and develop a strong foundation for everything else you learn on the guitar.


Intermediate players wanting the feedback motivation 1 on 1 lessons without damaging their wallet should check out Jamplay.

Their monthly membership costs less than a single private lesson and allows you access to an ever growing collection of high qulaity lessons from teachers of all styles.

Study Gypsy Jazz

Gypsy Jazz is an amazing guitar style pioneered through the playing of the late and great French guitarist Django Reinhardt. It features swinging, driving rhythm guitar and blistering solos!

My good friend Harry Edwards is the go to guy to learn the style and he has a variety of courses available to train you up to be a Gypsy Jazz virtuoso.

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