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Turn your GUITAR into a UKE? | Awesome Hack |

In this video you'll learn how to virtually turn your guitar into a ukulele. This is super useful for: - If you don’t own a ukulele yet, but plan on or are considering buying one. - Understanding how to transfer…

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My Favourite SRV Lick!

Download the pdf for this lesson here What's your all time favourite Stevie Ray Vaughan lick of all time? Here's mine, it's from his rendition of Mary Had A Little Lamb... actually it was originally bluesified by Buddy Guy so…

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Gas Stop Blues – Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Download the lesson tabs and backing track HERE. What you’ll learn: - How to use partial chords. - Get creative with barre chords by using open strings to make your chords more lush. - The double string bend technique. -…

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Play Quietly At Night

We've all been there before... Everyone else in the house has gone to bed, but you want to play your guitar. If you have an electric guitar this isn't such a big issue but if you want to play your…

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Percussive Rhythm

Enjoy this lesson? Then take your Percussive Rhythm playing to the next level with this awesome training by the amazing Tobias Rauscher. Percussive Fingerstyle Guitar Here's a taste of his awesome playing...

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