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The Firefly Pick ★ Demo & Review

The Firefly Pick ★ Demo & Review

  • January 19, 2017
  • Gear

The Firefly Pick allows you to create an LED light show timed to your guitar playing. Motion triggered LED lights track guitar pick movement to add a brilliant visual effect connected to the rhythm.

The Firefly Pick is the same shape as a normal guitar pick and features a beveled tip optimized by pros, allowing guitar players to experience and deliver this brilliant visual effect without compromising their

The durable Firefly Pick features a USB rechargeable lithium ion battery as well as a smart monitoring system that automatically shuts down to save energy when not in use.

It can be used by both both professional performers and beginning students alike.

The Firefly Pick comes in 4 light motion styles (Classic, Duo, Insanity, and Air) as well as many different LED light colors.

Click here to get your own Firely pick!

How To Play Guitar Late At Night WITHOUT Waking Others!

How to play guitar late at night WITHOUT waking others!

We’ve all been there before… Everyone else in the house has gone to bed, but you want to play your guitar. If you have an electric guitar this isn’t such a big issue but if you want to play your acoustic your in for some strife!

In this lesson I show you novel, yet effective way for lowering the volume of your acoustic guitar… And no it doesn’t involve swapping your pick for a feather.

This clever trick also doubles as a cool banjo or Japanese Koto emulator when you get it right.

Have fun experimenting with different materials and see what cool tones you can come up with.